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Area-51 still active...

Popular Mechanics article was government propaganda.

Dateline -- VERITAS News Service - by William Cooper
For Immediate Release September 1, 1997

Photo of Area-51 from Freedom Ridge before the Air Force grabbed the land from BLM.

The Harvest Trust expedition to the Tickaboo Valley over the Labor Day weekend witnessed the testing of super-secret technology over Area-51 . The base has not moved nor has testing been shifted to any other site. The Popular Mechanics article written by Jim Wilson, Science/Technology Editor, seems to have been an intentional act of propaganda designed to stem the flow of the curious adventure seekers who hope to get a glimpse of the advanced aviation technology being tested at this top-secret remote desert site. 

Observation of the 2 known entrances to Groom Dry Lake demonstrated no reduction of traffic from previous years. The Tickaboo Valley entrance was busy with the normal bus load of workers entering the site in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon. Automobile and security vehicles drove in and out on a regular basis. The camo-clad security details in their 4-wheel drive blazers blanketed the area. A couple of large 18 wheeler trucks were observed entering via the entrance south of Rachel in Sand Springs Valley. Both entrances were open... there are no gates or chains on either entrance. Jim Wilson's photo of the chained and locked gate to "Area-51" that appeared in Popular Mechanics magazine is an intentional deception.

There is no fence, gate, or chain at the Tickaboo Valley entrance to the test site. These are the signs on the left side of the road at the entrance. There is another set on the right.

We observed aircraft and helecoptors flying in and out of the site as well as above the site on numerous occasions over the weekend. We observed testing of the saucer only on Sunday night August 31st. The craft ascended over a high mountain peak just north of the Groom Lake facility at approximately 11 PM PDT. The testing is now apparently being conducted in the valley between the highest mountain peaks to the north of the dry lake bed in an effort to escape detection by those watching outside the boundary of Area-51. On 4 occasions the craft rose far enough above the peak for us to get a good view of the machine and its unconventional maneuvers.

The vehicle being tested was a huge orange glowing saucer shaped machine that hovered, ascended, descended and made sharp right angle turns as well as very fast circular spinning maneuvers that are impossible utilizing conventional aircraft. All those in our party were able to make very good observations using binoculars and spotting scopes. Some photographs were taken.

The technology is not "alien" except in the sense that the prototype may have been developed by the Germans during WW-II.. The technology that flys above Area-51 belongs to the United States of America. It is operated either from remote control or is piloted by humans. It is far superior to anything the public has ever known. 

We were constantly watched by the armed security patrols in 4-wheel drive vehicles. We were always covered by at least 3 and a maximum of 5 security teams at all times day and night. When we went to the entrance to the test site in the Tickaboo Valley a security team observed us from the top of the hill directly south of the entrance. Six ominous signs lined the sides of the road. The most chilling stated, "Use of Deadly Force Authorized".

One of the expedition members will be the guest on 'The Hour of The Time' Friday night, "space night", on September 5, 1997. The broadcast may be heard on Satellite GE-1, Channel 7, Audio 7.56, on over 700 low power FM stations across the country, and on ShortWave 9.955 MHz at 8 PM pacific and 11 PM eastern time.

You can order a studio quality stereo cassette tape of the radio broadcast by by specifying "Area-51 September 5, 1997" and sending check or money order made payable to HARVEST for $10 members, $12 non- members, postpaid to:

Harvest Trust, P.O. Box 2470, Pinetop, Arizona 85935, Phone/Fax (520) 333-4578

The VERITAS News Service is the largest and most successful organization of volunteer reporters and photographers in the world who furnish an alternative source of news. 

Warning - Listen to everyone... read everything... believe absolutely nothing unless you can prove it in your own research. - William Cooper, Trustee, Harvest Trust

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