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Whitley Strieber - Mind Control Victim

Whitley Strieber - Mind Control Victim

I hate to tell you that I told you so, but, "I told you so." The following article is from UFO Conspiracies & Cover-Ups; Special Issue, No. 1, 1998 Edited by Timothy Beckley. - William Cooper

"The Secret Government"
"The perplexing puzzle of Whitley Streiber's Secret School"

by John Chambers

Mr. Chambers interviewed Whitley Streiber in March of 1996 at the Gulf Breeze UFO Conference at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Pensacola, Florida.

"The goal of this telepathic rape by disinformation, according to many in the UFO community, is to draw public attention away from what is really taking place: The unbridled use of vastly superior, other-worldly power by a group that has steadily become answerable to no one."

(Quoting Chambers from his article.)

"Ironically, while Strieber himself did not seem to be suggesting - or even thinking, at least consciously - that his own writings could be understood in terms of this conspiracy, his speculations made some who found his latest revelations in 'The Secret School' too extraordinary to be believed, wonder whether the Secret School was really a set of memories implanted by the Secret Government."

". . . . learning to live outside time . . . I'm hoping the Secret School will be a mnemonic device and enable a lot of people to remember their own childhood experiences. I think every encounter starts in the Secret School", stated Streiber.

Quoting Chambers: (referring to his travel back to lost civilizations)Strieber seemed from time to time to back away from a literal interpretation of these experiences.

Again, from Chambers: Later in the conference was when the astute researcher hinted at this 'other meaning to this reality altogether' in statements the implications of which he did not seem to be fully aware of himself. At this session, Strieber spoke extensively of the Secret Government within our government. He began by chronicling his personal experience of the CIA. It was an organization that he hated.

"I know a lot about the CIA," he declared. I know a lot of people in the CIA and I've been very close to the CIA at certain times in my life." But, he went on, "I don't like the CIA. I think it's a disaster, a national catastrophe of the first order, a satanic monstrosity."

(KK's comments: I guess Whit is not ready to reveal his knowledge of satanic activities within the CIA.)


Then Strieber made the startling statement that, for some at the conference, seemed to undermine the authenticity of the 'Secret School' and open the discussion out to very different vistas.

"In my childhood," he said quietly, " I was tested at a university in San Antonio, in about 1954-55, for a long time, with a lot of tests - this was the same time I was having my encounters as a child. Intelligence tests, I guess they were; I don't remember them very clearly. My brother was subjected when he was the same age to the same tests at the same place by the same doctor. We were never told what these tests were about. We were never told by our parents why it was done."

"One of the things that I have been quietly researching over the past few years is CIA mind control activities that took place back in the 50s, using drugs, hypnosis, and involving children - especially bright kids. Because I fear that I may have been part of that. I may have been simply passed over; I hope I was. But I want to find out all about it. I want to understand it more."

(KK's comments: Come on, Whit. We will understand the abuse that happened to you. You know, the events you talked about; the cruel stupid things that were done to you.)

Quoting from Chambers:

"he even-almost compulsively-returned once more to the subject of implants, alien or otherwise, and spoke of their capability to interact with the brain and to cause hallucinations. He had recently had a particularly powerful experience with the visitors, he said-and, just before that experience, he had smelled a strong, tangy odor that frequently introduced his encounters. 'They've started waking me up with smells,' he explained, ‘in order to make this harder for me. In any case, there is a particular odor that's sort of a combination of cigarette smoke and burning cardboard, I would say. It wakes me up."

"And," he concluded-and to what extent was he aware of what he was implying-, "And, I know that temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with odors."

But nothing he would say now will be as inherently mind blowing as what he had-almost unwittingly, it seemed!-already intimated: That his own Secret School might have been a product of the Secret Government.

Really, all that there was left for him to do now was to rhapsodize about what all this had done for him, those years of recalling these soul-shaking events that seemed to have dominated his entire early inner life, and perhaps, just perhaps-might have been hallucinations so incredibly real as to seem to be as real as life itself, because they were fashioned out of a technology that came from a technologically higher life form than our own.

(KK's comments: or a very low form of human who is very willing to utilized their fellow humans in any way shape or form for the "fatherland.")

(John Chambers has an M.A. in English from the University of Toronto; was full-time instructor in English at Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec, and a senior editor at McGraw-Hill; publishing & managing editor with International Thomson Transport Press, both in New York; now an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University - KK: is this a viable, accredited academic institution?)