Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Turner Donates $1 Billion to UN

over the next 10 years...

Dateline -- September 22, 1997 CNN Today Announced...

Ted Turner

VERITAS News Service - Ted Turner, the founder of Cable News Network, told interviewer Larry King Thursday that he will donate $1 billion to the United Nations over the next 10 years. Turner said he will earmark the money for humanitarian agencies. He made a personal appeal for other wealthy people to also donate money to UN causes. He said a billion is a nice round number.

Turner, a vice chairman of Time Warner Inc., has long criticized the US government for failing to pay its $1.5 billion debt to the UN. He made the incredible announcement Thursday evening at the annual dinner in New York for the United Nations Association of the United States.

Turner said the money will go to a foundation that will support UN programs that aid refugees, children, the environment, mine clearance, health and ``the poorest people in the world, the ones who need the help the most.'' He will spread the $1 billion over 10 years in $100 million payments each year. Turner quipped, ``I always liked the idea, one for all, all for one. I kind of like that idea.''

Ted Turner has a long history of supporting liberal and socialist causes. He is married to Jane Fonda, referred to by many as Commie Hanoi Jane in remembrance of her aid to communist North Vietnam while our boys were being killed in the Vietnam war. 

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